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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blogspot for dummies #2

Again! To bird brain out there :P
How to Install Social Media Icons on Blogger Sidebar - The EASY way!
No need code editing. No need 3rd party hosting. You can do it by yourself :)

Simple.. Just go through this video, and you can easily solve your birdbrain malfunction in 10 minutes!

Having slow internet connection? No problem. just check this blog out! Which is not my preference, too wordy and lengthy I must say. But it is good for newbie - lotsa details.

Anyway, BELOW what I can summarize from the steps given. But incase you got blurred or confuse, you got 2 great options mentioned above :
  1. Create new post
  2. Click HTML (here using HTML option not Customize)
  3. Upload all your icons (twitter, facebook, etc) pictures that you can download it anywhre, even using your own icon, also can. 
  4. Click Customize (here using Customize option not HTML)
  5. Select all - centered.
  6. Link each and every icon into your social media pages. Don't forget to click "Open in a new tab" function in "link" option.
  7. Click HTML (here using HTML not Customize. again)
  8. Select all codes
  9. Click Layout > Add New Gadget > via HTML or Java Script > Paste all the codes in the content section
  10. Save all changes and view your blog!
  11. Double confirm your link by re-click all the icons. 
  12. Done and Done! :)
Easy right???

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