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Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to start your day

Hi all,

Do you know how to start your day productively?
I don't know exactly how but here are what i have done. 
I find it effective to made my day as a better day than yesterday.

  1. Visualize how you will make your day
  2. List down all the things to do on a paper so that you won't forget it. It is just a list for you to refer when you forgot lah. Slash off the list whenever you are done with each one of it. It will motivate you to do the following tasks quicker. I dont know about you guys, but it works for me :)
  3. 5 minutes work out. Just a simple sit up or push ups should be enough. To energize you up.
  4. Then get a good bath. No need to sing a karaoke - you need to work later ok? Don't get late. :)
  5. Next take time do your makeup and wear something nice and suits your mood. I always have a trouble choosing what to wear on the next day. =.= 
  6. Consume light breakfast. To avoid "sakit perut pagi".. Hehe.. Since I am not a "breakfast like a king" type.
  7. Now, start your day with a smile, positive and confident. You are in charge!

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