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Saturday, September 15, 2012

My routine

My NEW life in Miri, Sarawak. It is entirely a NEW life.. More healthy, beautiful and free life.


Just back from Baronia, Platform..Tiring journey.. =.=

Which one is me? :)

Long way to walk to the quarters.. Phewww.........

Way back to shore.. Seasick =.='


Good morning sunshine ~
1. Burn out the calories
My second day.. 300 cals loss.. GREAT :)

2. Take a relaxing bubble bath

3. Healthy breakfast - hot tea & hi-calcium biscuit
Put a smile on my face please.. :)
4. Get off to office with bright smile :)

Afternoon ~
1. Lunch ala-kadar
2. Freshen up a lil bit
3. Get back to work. Focus!

Evening ~
1. Resting my ass off on the soft couch while watching tv and not to forget, my awesome Lychee :)
No stress
2. Preparing dinner ala bujang
Great kitchen rite? :) I wanna own one :)

3. Take the supplement.. "sape kata orang single tak perlu berchantek-chantek? :P"
Awal Ashaari ade twin tak? I nak ngorat :)

Beauty sleep at night~
Sweetdreams sweetheart :)

P/S to myself : Not to forget.. Always meet the creator 5 times a day.. All this while, you've been sacrificed yourself in order to give way for others..Stop doing that.. Stop trust and believe all those damn rubbish talks.. This time it is all about you.. May HE lead you to the way HE want you to be. HE will not test you the one that you cannot overcome. Keep holding on. You can do it, ATIQAH...

24 sweetie :)

1 comment:

sarahcomel said...

thats we want baby!!! live your life to fullest..and you wont regret it!! love u~~ i've been missing you sooooo muchhhh...