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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Makeover your little life

I am going to present a speech tomorrow night. So, I decided to go through my favorite magazine, CLEO to find the suitable topic or to get an idea on what I am going to talk about. As we are still in New Year mode, I find that the "Resolution 2011" might be the ONE I am looking for. Kinda lame right? Hiks! Who cares?

So, lets check it out what maybe all of us can do to makeover our life throughout the year. Well, maybe you all can copycat some points here. Hey, who knows it will lead yourself to a better life? Awesome! :)

  1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than normal (checked! sometimes :P)
  2. Plan a big task for the week. And focus on just that entire week
  3. Read something funny and laugh out loud
  4. Set aside a holy hour just for yourself
  5. Pay your bills promptly
  6. Show up at least five minutes early for your appointments
  7. Clear your work desk and keep it clutter-free (tidy )
  8. Volunteer for a day (checked!)
  9. Eat raw veggies
  10. Take a POWER NAP
  11. Give something away
  12. Say "thank you" to a stranger
  13. Exercise an extra 10 minutes a day
  14. Make time to eat a healthy breakfast
  15. Empty your closet and toss what you don't need (checked!)
  16. Make bed as soon as get up (checked!)

"Be a person waiting patiently for a CHANGE and
see what a DIFFERENT (and BETTER) feeling it actually is"

Sixteen?? Wow! Such a long list right? Don't worry. Just try these ideas one each day and see how it change our life for the BETTER :)

p/s : those veggie things kinda impossible lah... haish! :(


Ari said...

No 9 tu aku confuse sedikit.. BIAR BETIK???? :p

eeqa~ said...

betik ah! bersih ah locker aku skang.. heh.. come cekidaud! :P