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Monday, December 13, 2010


Urgh! Damn! (dah lama sangat tak update. Tup-tup maki kan? huhu) ye ar. Broadband tertinggal kat UTM. Mana nak update nye? ini pun I jejak cc. Dah lah laptop I tak boleh connect wireless. hoh!

Okay. Quick updates!

Arrived hometown (Rawang), at 6pm on 4th December.

Celebrate birthday on 5th December at Kenny Rogers ( ingat nak lepak kat Johny's. tapi ayah macam tak selera jer.. anyway, will elaborate more in the next updates. In a rush nieyh. huhu. )

Watched Rapunzel 3D laughing hillariously with Miss Ellisa on 10th December. Warkhh!! Worth the ticket. teehee.. Bought some little cute things from Times Square. A red beanie, a blue ring, a red flower hairband :)

InsyaAllah on this becoming 15th, I will be having a nice 'hang out day' with my dearest creditor. Hopefully :)

p/s: I tak taw kenapa sekarang ramai betol orang tanya i such question : "Awak ni Cina ke Melayu yer?". Nanti I update my latest pic eyh? Cuba bagitaw tang mana Chinese look nyer? hoho.. See ya!


Rebelle Me said...

tang mata tu kot yang macam chinese look! (:

eeqa~ said...

woho?? makin sepet kuwt.. heh.. dulu xdok plak org pasan.. wee