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Sunday, November 21, 2010


What kind of place would you prefer for your perfect date?

Shopping mall?


You know what? I am thrilled to go to Genting Highland Theme-Park again. But, of course not with my family this time. If the boyfriend could not accompany me, with friends ok what? Maybe better with them? Who's with me? Blink you eyes! HAHA ;) 

Oops! By the way, do you have any better ideas? Camon, Sharing is Caring~ :)


En Jay said...

ko lupe...
taman bunga satu!

kIcAp... said...


eeqa~ said...

kicap : aahlah! aquaria! :)

zai : errkk.. taman bunga ey? hee~

kIcAp... said...

aku suka aquaria~~ak xkan pg slagi aku x dating kt sne..kekekek

TieTa said...

haha klu i plh g zoo negara. :p

eeqa~ said...

tieta : just like my friend, She love to date at the zoo. I thought she is one animal lover. Hihi~ :)

Atiqah Almy said...

cam menarik dating kat playground. main buai sambil makan aiskrim...main jongkang-jungkit..

Moumo said...

dating sml jogg,
kurgkn lelemak bersme2

eeqa~ said...

gyna : menarik yer? dating ngan brader putu mayam skali..heheh

moumo : wow! kompom laki u xboroi.. HAHA

biskut said...

i choose swimming pool..

eeqa~ said...

Wah! macam best jer kan? :P