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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Betul cakap Maria!

Betul cakap Maria! TeacherShida rocks! Sporting gile. Like Maria said, "Everybody have their own unique way to have fun". I think what TeacherShida did here is pretty cool duhh.. Way cooooool..

Who is she?

She disabled the embedded code. So, I have to download it myself and kindly upload it here. I nak jugak share. Tak kira! lol. It is fun thou especially to those to currently seating for final exam or the scary SPM. (kind of release tension kit)

Want more? Click HERE :) Or just use your Google Search Engine (Ayat taknak skema lagi) find it for you.

Besides her, Anas Tahir pun cara jugak. Did you ever heard his name? Rugi sape tak penah layan lagi. 

Psst! 2 posts in one day? HAHA! Sorry.. kinda into sharing maring mode. Enjoy!


biskut said...

hahaha..like charlie chaplin versi gugurl

eeqa~ said...

Asal boleh jer kan? hihi~ :P