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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow! the truth speaks out

Last week, I did attend FDP Workshop at Renaissance Hotel in KL. Yeah! Renaissance! First time get into the hotel, I feel like step into another world. The ballroom is warkh!!! http://www.emocutez.comfeels like gonna have my wedding there.. ngeh ngeh (angan-angan mat jenin). Looking through the big-amazing-awesome chandelier, the giant mirrors, the tiles, huge doors and etc etc. Eh! kinda promote the 5stars hotel here. Ada bakat tak? haha! lol.

Atfirst, feel like I will do anything even listening the whole bunch of crap ceramah just to be in the ballroom for the whole day. But, to tell you the truth. It is not fun at all. Most of us dok tersengguk-sengguk macam burung belatuk inside that damn freezing cold ballroom. I did tersengguk but pandai-pandailah cover ait?

So, I figured out one game. It is not a game actually. kind of lah. I list down Dyno'z names and put a title : 

"The first word flashed in your mind about them. 
P/S: Do not reveal who you are"

Then, I distribute the paper to our close friends. Just wanna know what impression do they thought about us. Depan kita act laen, belakang cakap laen kan? The great part is, we'll never know who critics who.

The result? HAHA! Burst into loud laughs! There! Berkesan kan? Tak ngantok dah. The comments quite harsh actually but it rawks! Lemme point out some interesting words about us - "annoying", "bajet", "garang", "bising", "emo"' "blur", "gabah" and even "puaka". Now, we realize that all of us (Dyno) sharing 1 similar behaviour- ANNOYING. haha. Sorry guys. Maybe the similarity bond us together. Mana tahu kan? Hihi.

Me? 12 heads - 12 words - 12 thoughts - 12 all about me in front of their naked eyes.

 bajet gedik.
ok jer.



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eeqa~ said...

zai?perlu ker?heh

sHeRrY said...

The tag-board seemed to load very slow and actually never even bothered to show up rather so anyways lemme just leave my message here: What does BW mean?yea she's very thicked face^^< im sooo disappointed.. It'd be better if you commented on the post comments rather than in my tag-board because your comment was related to my post:D hope you'll do that next time alright because I'd prefer it if comments for my posts were left at the post's comment section... PLS&&TY^_^

eeqa~ said...

BW=blogwalking. okeh. noted :)