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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Yeah. there are some changes here and there. No reason to tell which one and why. You can figure it out yourself right? teehee.. But credits to Cik Puan Strowbelang for making my wish came true. Love the header. Heart for it!


En Jay said...

tang header, agk kewl
tulisan tu bleh tacap sikit..heh

Cik Puan Strow Belang said...

xtaw lak ko published terus babe..
mana la taw ko nk perubahan sikit ka pa.
btw happy u like it.

eeqa~ said...

zai: oh! saya buta seni. saya suda cukup puas ati

yani: thank you again.. dah puas ati, nak tacap aper agy?hehe