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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please take care mine as you take care yours

Bam! (sound of my car's door slammed off). Urgh! Annoyed! Hey! It is not a lorry neither a bus nor peti sejuk gergasi. Infact, it is a car. One hell well-treated car. So, what do you just need is to put a little tiny-miny bit force against those doors, not hayun tangan sekuat hati tutup pintu macam nak bagi pelempang 360 degrees kat orang. I do care every inch of my car so I hope you'll do the same. It's not like I cerewet or not but can you imagine if you are in my shoes. People easily treat your kind-of-valuable property like effing ass? What do you feel? There! The same thing goes to me.

Dush-dush! men tumbuk-tumbuk meh

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