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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things changed

Hye! Such a busy bee lately. Going through a rough busiest week ever. Its only 2nd week of the 7th semester, and I cannnot manage it well. What about the becoming 12weeks?? Oh Emm Gee.. can't imagine it.. hehe~ Report, Project, Presentation, and of course assignments included in those hell weeks.As people say, got hikmah behind there kot. heh~ In this case, I agree. 

Korang engat tak entry about how things got complicated between me and my bff? Ehem, we will never predict the future right? This morning, I tak taw sebab ape, datang angin monsun barat daya yang baek hati merapatkan balek jurang kitorang. Told you, things changed. Tapi, jangan pikir I hangat-hangat taik ayam ker.. Or I jenis lalang men goyang-goyang gelek-gelek kiri kanan ikut angin. 

When I decide something, I really meant it. But when it comes to HIS decision, kun fa ya kun, thats it! No one can change that. Serious. I never thought that the journey will be flowing like this. But, Interesting. Yeah! Well, who doesn't like Happy Ending right?

May our life filled with happiness forever ever after. Wink Wink! =)

*Ayat di atas specially dedicated to all my deary blog readers.. ;)
**Actually, entry ni I tak nak letak dlm blog, but somebody insisted me to* pfft.... =P


echasuzrin said...

happy to both of u....

mkck said...

congratz... :)

eeqa~ said...

yup! thanks~ =)