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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Babe, what do you really want?

Sometimes I need u here but I don't want you really being here

Sometimes I really want those things but I just keep it shut

Sometimes I told u to leave me alone but deep inside I really want u to be with me

Sometimes I really need a shoulder to lean on but I act tough in front of you

Sometimes I say I do not sulk, but I still want you to comfort me up

Men are right, Women are hard to figured out. They think one thing but then,they'll act the other way. And that is not our fault, neither are men. Maybe it is just the way we are. So, bear with it guys. Good Luck! =)


Wak Karjo said...

dont trust a girl...

eeqa~ said...

haha!simply like that wak? matang ckt.. bkn semua mcm tu.. =p