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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


petronas gave me rm500 2days ago.. n im overspend it up to rm400..
huh! omg! borosnyer! then i have 2 maintain my precious hundred ringgit til next month.. hu! already decided 2 fast in 2weeks tyme n only eating biscuits to cover my empty stomach.hohoho~

such a pity i am ryte???haha~
well .. as a matter of fact, we can see from positive side where i can diet at the same tyme.. so that, ill be less worry bout my weight.. hehe~

some of my 'xtvt memboroskan duit'..hu~

  • shopping selendang at skudai parade n angsana
  • shopping bags at street mall, danga bay
  • lepak mkn2 cendol
  • shopping at jj tmn U
  • get a very pricey hair treatment- rm162
  • final destination: UTM- bankrupt!
peer influences~ hoho~

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